What is TTAAnalytics?

TTAAnalytics is a powerful analytics tool that allows you to tap into the Jonas data source and transform and visualize data. It is easy to share insights through interactive reports and dashboards.

What is an Analytic Dashboard?

An analytic dashboard in Power BI is a visual representation of key metrics and data insights that provide a comprehensive view of your business data. It combines various visualizations, such as charts, graphs, tables, and maps, to present data in a way that is easy to understand and interpret.

Can I access these reports on a mobile device?

Absolutely! A mobile application is available for iOS and Android devices, allowing you to interact with your dashboards on the go. The mobile app provides a responsive and optimized viewing experience, and you can also receive notifications and alerts based on the data in your dashboards.

How up to date are the analytics?

The dashboards can display real-time data as it comes in.

Can I automate dashboard notifications?

Yes, automated daily emails containing a preview of the dashboard can be delivered to key recipients. We can also include a links with direct access to the dashboard for easy access.

How well do my current reports translate to the Business Intelligence system?

All current reports translate completely, with better readability and accessibility as well as making data input obsolete. The days of running reports, exporting to excel, and crunching numbers are over!

Is there upkeep or maintenance involved after implementation?

Software automation means no upkeep or maintenance once implemented. Changes can be made upon request.

Besides the cost of the plan what other monthly costs are incurred?

Power BI Pro or higher license is required (typically included with Office 365. We will verify to see if an upgraded license is required.). We will walk you through every step.